Manoj's Tumbl Into the World

My name's Manoj (pronounced m uh n oh j) and my Dad set up this Tumblr page for my legion of fans!

Manoj’s first tennis lesson!


Long overdue update to Manoj’s Shutterfly account has a new album that collects his 4 year old pics to date and will be updated over the course of the next 5 months. Password is Manoj’s middle name. 

I’m a big brother

this is Manoj’s favorite song at the moment, so the opportunity to create this video was too good to pass up. He loves it. 

Manoj showing off his favorite book with Manasa Athai.

More “reading”

Manoj reads his favorite book of the moment, kisses.

Taking a nap with my sister!

Manoj enjoys his music class!

Manoj sleds on a much harder surface after everything refreezes, and figures out how to round the corner and head down to the street (Dad stops filming and starts running after him)

Manoj goes sledding in the snow. Dad ended up doing most of the work here as the snow was too soft to get any momentum going.